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YA MEME → one authorTahereh Mafi; Shatter me series

I definitely knew that I wanted to write about a girl coming into her own. I like to think that the story is about a girl trying to find herself, and the world telling her who to be. I think that’s the universal adolescent experience. In this case, it happens to be a girl, which is important to me because I’m also a girl and I can relate to that experience so much better. I feel like there’s a lot of discussion of girl books and boy books, and I don’t really know what that is. I’m not sure if I have anything to contribute to it. But I do know that it’s important for young girls to be able to read a book and relate to the character. It’s just a story of this difficult adolescent transition to find yourself and finding out who you are and discovering your identity, taken to an extreme, because she has this crazy ability that has cut her off from society, which I think a lot of young adults feel. Where do we fit in? Where do we go from here? What’s past high school and will we survive it?

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